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I’m Lorena and I’m glad you stopped by… I’m a professional voice actor located deep in the heart of Texas. I was born and raised to be a country girl and a proud Texan to boot. My love of sweet tea and country living makes me a favorite VoiceOver performer with a touch of drawl and a lot of heart!

My distinctive southern accent brings a unique flavor to every project. Whether it’s adding a splash of country charm to commercials or infusing narrations with warmth and authenticity, my voice can capture audiences and leave a lasting impression. Clients can rely on me to deliver impactful performances that elevate their projects and connect with listeners.

My specialties include automotive and commercial TV and radio spots, as well as narration. My voice adds a Texas timbre to audio projects of all kinds, bringing a sense of familiarity and comfort, resonating with audiences and capturing the essence of the south. I’m a storyteller at heart, and as such, I harness the power of oral narrative to transport listeners to a place where traditions are cherished, values are celebrated and stories come to life.

I have a background in vocal performance and music theater. This backdrop brings a diverse set of skills to my VoiceOver work. It allows me to not only deliver spoken lines with precision and emotion, but also to bring a musicality and rhythm to my performances. Whether it’s singing a jingle that’ll bless your heart or adding melodic elements to a narration, my vocal and stage training add an extra layer of depth and artistry to my voice acting toolkit.

I have a broadcast-quality home studio, which is Source Connect ready, and promise a professionally produced project, delivered in a timely manner. My recording space and equipment have been professionally verified and I can easily work with clients in directed sessions via Source Connect or Zoom. Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed. In addition, I offer a FREE custom audition, which allows potential clients to assess my voice and sound quality to determine if it aligns with their project’s needs and vision, giving them a glimpse of my unique flavor and impact. By offering this complimentary service, I aim to provide clients with confidence and assurance in their decision to collaborate with me.

If you are interested in a FREE custom audition, please complete the Contact Me form and I’ll respond within one business day of receipt.

I'm driven to increase your automotive sales exponentially!

Yolanda Spearman
Owner, Impactful Voices, LLC
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Well Respected Positive Voice

Lorena is such a well respected positive voice in the voice acting community. Her versatility is sure to infuse your project with the unique sound you desire.

Shane Beer
Artist, R Shane Beer Art
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Brought my character to life!

Many thanks to Lorena for her efforts to help my audible version of Children of the Horns become a reality. Her voice was a perfect fit and has given the character Sairy…Life!

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