Wild West of Weather

Texans often reply to a remark about the weather this way; “If you don’t like it, wait a minute. It’ll change.”

We can go from scorching to freezing in a matter of hours with temperatures sometimes fluctuating as much as forty degrees. I’ve been riding the four wheeler, comfortably wearing short sleeves, and felt the wall of cold air blow in from the North so quickly that my teeth were chattering before I got back to the house. We go through dry periods that are long enough that the pullets have no idea what that stuff falling from the sky is or what to do about it! The next year, Spring might hang out so wet and humid that the porch rails turn green from algae.

So when I ran across this meme about Texas weather, I had to admit that someone with knowledge gained from experience had penned this description. They must have done really well in Creative Writing class, but I’ll bet they got a C- in grammar!

Last year was the driest since 2011. The tank in the back evaporated. The cranes picked off the fish as the water dropped lower and lower. We culled the calves pretty hard and Gregg and his dad rotated the cows weekly to different pastures, trying to stretch the dry grass far enough to make to October when we buy round bales for winter feeding.


Deciding how many bales to purchase is a gamble. We know how many we will have to feed per week, but we can’t know how long or short the winter will be. If we run out of hay before the spring grass appears, we’ve got to scramble to find more, and usually at a much higher cost.

Thankfully, this year the “Third Winter” passed us by. Spring came early and with it came an abundance of rain. The tank filled up again and we restocked it with fingerling perch, catfish and minnows. When the cattle were once again able to eat their fill of pasture grass, we had two bales left over.

It’s raining as I write and there’s the possibility that when I record the voice over for this blog, a big peal of thunder will roll right across the sky and straight into my audio. You know what? It sounds so good, I’ll probably leave it in!

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