Am I Successful?

Things can get crazy around here. Hubby and I both have day jobs. We both have creative outlets that are gradually becoming additional sources of income. We have the responsibilities of the ranch that we co-operate with his parents. Family obligations. Working with our dogs, hunting, fishing and growing a garden. We like to cook out and listen to music. Take the occasional road trip.

And you know what? We aren’t perfect at any of it! Often, things on the need to-do or want to-do lists get rolled over to the next day or the next weekend or even next year. And the world doesn’t stop turning.

What keeps us sane, heck, what keeps us married, is that we don’t let any of these activities or responsibilities become our identity. They are things we do, they are not who we are. Our value is not measured by the size of our bank account or the number of clients we gain or the accolades of the community.

In the long run, it won’t matter if we make a million dollars and accomplish all of our goals if we don’t enjoy the journey. If we don’t let life mold us into better human beings. If we don’t take time to appreciate this beautiful world.

So here’s to your success, friend! In all the ways that matter! 🌻

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