Lessons from a Garden

We finished planting the garden Sunday afternoon. It was hot, hard, dirty work. And it was immensely satisfying!

To me, a garden is a promise. I plant the seeds and water them diligently, checking every day to see if those first green shoots are breaking through the soil.

When they make their appearance the maintenance begins in earnest. Till between rows to prevent the native Bermuda grass from taking over. Carefully pluck the Careless Weeds that spring up right next to the seedlings. Cover the seedlings if a late frost is forecast. Fertilize and water, water, water.

I don’t always feel like I want to do all of this. But I know, from years of experience, the fruit of the labor is worth it. Those fresh tomatoes, peppers, squash, beans, okra, cucumbers and onions provide fresh, organic sustenance all summer long.

It’s the same with everything else in life, isn’t it? Our careers, our relationships, our health. Dilegence is required if we believe the reward is worth having.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that my garden or my life will turn out exactly the way I hope it will. Things happen . But if I experience setbacks knowing I gave it my all, I have the mental fortitude to start over again next season.

Here’s to a beautiful harvest for us all!

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